Monday, 11 May 2009

Red Nose Day Total

We have finally recieved the totals from all the teams who rowed like warrior poets to raise funds for Comic Relief. We estimated we would raise around £1,500 - the final total was;


Well done to all who were involved and we look forward to doing something similar next year.
Lets get more boats & more people back on the Clyde doin' good stuff.

Bronze Casting Success

We finally succeeded in casting the bronzes from the Tramway project in the GalGael workshop. Our last effort failed but being out of the cold wind and a different metal mix helped us get the bronze melted and ready to pour within about forty minutes. It's an amazing process to observe and thanks to Kirti Mandir for doing the project and sharing his wonderful skills.
It was a lovely wee occasion and the folk from the Hidden Gardens and Coach House Trust got to see the bronze being poured into the molds and the finished work being broken open.
You can check out more of Kirti's work at;

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Orcuan Update

Oor Rosie has been busy helping to get Orcuan prepared for summer sailings and our intended voyage to Iona. The boat is propped up at Rothesay Dock where teams of course participants and volunteers are doing their bit to scrape off the dirt and give her a fresh coat of Stockholm tar. Rosie has been coating the oars, rudder and tiller which are all at the workshop. Shouldn't be too long before we are back on the water.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Progress Update from Barmaddy Farm

On our latest work trip to the farm we continued from where we left off, carrying on with re-wiring and decorating the big bedroom in the farmhouse plus planting some seed tatties in the garden. Once again we took a full van load of gear from Govan including a couple of large wooden crates for the Failte project near Oban who we potentially may be doing more work in the future. These are by way of saying thanks to Sid, who helps run the project and who has assisted with many of the jobs on the farm, particularly the wiring and electrics. Once the wiring is finished the last of decoration in the bedrooms can be completed.
Sid and GalGael participants Nico and Ryan also mucked in with not only the internal work but also the gardening programme by planting spuds in the front garden. Since time was tight we rattled together two raised beds using straw and earth. hopefully the tatties will come through - unless the mice get them first.
We managed a few other wee jobs and payed Peigi a visit. Peigi's family lived on the farm and she has been a great source of information on farming life at Barmaddy before it was taken over by the Forsetry Commission. A good time was had by all.