Monday, 31 August 2009

Berlin Exchange

Well done to the girls from LISA in Germany who have just completed their three week exchange to GalGael. Lisa is a community boat building project in the city of Berlin and some of the group visited Glasgow last year so we are hoping to send some GalGaelians to Germany in 2010. The group have been working on oars for Orcuan while here and managed to get some time to visit Glencoe and the Wallace monument. We had a braw wee ceilidh to see them off and the even did a sword dance. Good luck lassies.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Orcuan trip to Iona

Orcuan is presently bearthed at the marina at Ardfern in Argyll waiting to head back to Crinan at the most suitable opportunity and then home. The crew had intended to sail her to Iona but due to bad weather and various other problematic issues the trip had to be cancelled. On the good side, some of the trainees and volunteers managed to get in some valuable sail training and had a good time on the water. The trip was to commemorate the 400th anniversary Statutes of Iona where James V1 attempted to undermine the traditional ways of life of the Clansfolk. Another reason for the trip was to deliver some stones. These were to commemorate the "Black stones of Iona" which seemed to have been very significant for centuries as a site over which binding oaths were made by clan chiefs on important matters and those who broke the pledge were accursed. Three good size stones were delivered across land by a team of stalwart GalGaelians who sited them on top of the highest hill on the island.

Film nights at GalGael

We have recently started to screen some films in the GalGael workshop to create awareness and stimulate discussion on various social and environmental issues. We have showed two to date- "Farming for the future" and "How Cuba survived peak oil". Both were very inspiring and thought provoking and we hope to continue with screenings every six weeks or so. Thanks to Anneruth Strauss and Lusi Alderslowe for getting it all going.

Glasgow River Festival 2009

While we didn't have any boats on the water this year, this was probably our biggest and best land based display at the Glasgow River Festival. The Clyde Waterfront marquee was stuffed to the gunnels with our ever growing body of crafts people including wool craft, pottery, carving, furniture making, basketry, and outside we had the blacksmith, wood milling, survival skills, pole lathes and of course battle re-enactment. The public seemed to love it judging by the feedback and it was good to be back on our old pitch next to the river. Thanks again to all who made it a great event- our staff, trainees, volunteers, crafts people, and to Mark and the team from Clyde Waterfront.